Suljin Skin Whitening Night Cream

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A cream that helps to recharge at night for tired and injured skin during the day.

The cream is gentle and refreshing like a pubding cake, so once applied to the skin, it will feel smooth and fresh, penetrating deep into the skin.

Faint rose scent from natural rose extract, without using artificial fragrances.

Active ingredients are constantly provided to keep active in the skin.

The pigmentation of the skin selectively selections, adds shine, helps improve skin tone.


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Suljin Skin Whitening Night Cream


Ascorbyl glucoside (Vitamin C derivative): It transforms into Vitamin C in the body thanks to its highly stable vitamin C derivative. Preventing the formation of melanin pigment in the skin, inhibiting the production of dark spots, freckles, helping the skin become white.

Niacianmide: With a whitening ingredient that helps to correct discolored skin with highly stable Vitamin C derivative, skin care becomes radiant from the inside.

Hydrogennated lecithin: A substance involved in the body's metabolism such as nutrient absorption, excretion, etc. Has good absorption into the skin, regenerates cells, moisturizes, and superior skin permeability.

Pennywort extract: Since ancient times, gotu kola has been considered a folk medicine with many good effects, caring for damaged skin, preventing dry skin, tightening pores and increasing the properties. Elastic to the skin, helps the skin become soft, smooth.

Rose water: Helps clean and firm the skin, adjusts the skin's pH, anti-inflammatory and soothes the skin, giving it a fresh, clean feeling. Helps maintain sebum balance on the skin, making the skin smooth, safe for all skin types.

With a faint rose scent from natural rose extract, no artificial fragrance is used.

HOW TO USE: Use in the evening after cleansing, apply an appropriate amount to face and neck, gently pat for absorption into skin.


TNCB: 38874/17/CNMP -QLD

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