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Formulated with the skin-friendly Lecithin Gel Network Emulsion formula, the Vitamin B3 ingredient helps to brighten the skin. Remove dark pigmentation and discoloration with natural ingredients.


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Suljin Serum Skin Whitening


Sam Vegetable Extract:

- Has anti-inflammatory, healing wounds, soothes allergic skin. Has outstanding skin softening and bactericidal action.

- For calming irritated skin.
- Providing water and nutrients to help prevent skin dryness.
- Help the skin become smooth.
- In addition, Sam vegetables also work to improve the skin redness, vegetables sam has been used as an ingredient in ointments.

Lavender flower extract:

- Helps regenerate the skin, making the skin soft and smooth.

- Has superior calming effect, helps cell regeneration. Accelerates cell regeneration, controls sebum, provides regenerative effect for skin texture damaged by sunlight, or acne-damaged skin.

Chamomile flower extract:

- Provides nourishment to the skin, making rough skin smooth and soft.

- Under the continuous negative effects of harmful agents such as staying up late, exams, stress, ultraviolet rays, dry indoor environment, skin becomes more sensitive.

- The constant stimulation of harmful agents makes the skin's immunity weak, the ability to heal itself is reduced.

=> So have to soothe damaged skin gently to minimize skin damage.


- Serum is essence many times more than creams, so should clean your face before use, take a few drops of serum apply to the face and neck and then pat on the neck and face so that the serum quickly penetrates into the skin.

TNCB: 37562/17 / CBMP - QLD

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