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Posted by: Admin, Date 11/11/2015 10:12 AM

Tam Lan Tea Co., Ltd. was established in 2010 with the premise that the Tam Lan Tea foundation was established nearly two years earlier. The main products of the company are functional tea bag with Tam Lan brand. In addition, the company is also the exclusive distributor of Tam Lan Health Functional Pine Oil, Pine Lan Glucosamine, Tam Lan Collagen .. are imported directly from Korea. Up to now, after more than 04 years with ups and downs, step by step, until now, the company has invested in building a spacious and clean factory system, modern production line to ensure food hygiene and safety standards of the Ministry of Health, creating jobs for hundreds of local workers. Products Tam Lan produced and distributed have been on the market across 63 provinces and cities of the country, and has been expanding the export of Tam Lan Tea - Vietnamese Brand to countries around the world. The turnover and reputation of the Company are constantly being raised.

Not only does the business work well, the state compliance with the law is also strictly abided by Tam Lan Company. All products manufactured and distributed by the Company are licensed by the competent authorities of the State to meet the quality standards, the company has registered the trademark of “Tam Lan” functional food. rights at the Vietnam Intellectual Property Department. The tax obligations of the State and the policies for employees are also fully implemented by the Company. In particular, during the past time, Tam Lan Company has been very much involved in social and charitable activities, helping families in especially difficult circumstances, policy families (building houses gratitude, great unity), join hands to bring children to school and charitable activities to take care of community health ... v ... v ... with the amount of up to billions of dong each year.

With proud achievements over 04 years of operation and development, Tam Lan Tea Company was honored to be awarded many awards, titles and certifications such as: Brand Gold Cup Award - Trademark Award in 2011. , Certificates of Vietnamese goods are favored by consumers, Vietnam Gold Enterprise, Gold Cup for agricultural products, gold medals of Vietnamese high quality goods in compliance with standards ... and many other certificates of merit and certificates. Especially, in 2012, the products of Tam Lan Company were voted as typical rural industrial products by the Council of all levels from the district, province to the central level in 2012, the Vietnam High Quality Goods Business Association. consideration and certification of high-quality VNCL goods, actively responding to the Political Bureau's program "Vietnamese people use Vietnamese goods", participating in the Vietnamese goods program in rural areas, Accompanying with traditional small businesses ... through here , the company's products have the opportunity to reach consumers more widely and besides with the discount policy of the Organizing Committee, Tam Lan Company is also proud to contribute a portion of profits to noble purposes. of the program.

2012 is the year following many challenges and difficulties of the global economy. However, the Distribution Agents as well as all leaders and employees of the company still maintain the belief in the fairness of the State agencies, especially the timely attention and support of the authorities. local; Believe in a solid foundation, which is the quality products, a policy of humanity and cultural values ​​that Tam Lan Company has worked hard to build Tam Lan Company to develop, Faster, stronger and more sustainable in the future, worthy of the trust of millions of customers at home and abroad.

Tam Lan Tea Co., Ltd. commits to all customers, consumers always uphold the quality, always put the health benefits of consumers as a guideline for the Company's activities.

Once again, the Company's Board of Directors would like to express sincere thanks and gratitude to the precious affection of everyone who has always supported Tam Lan Company in the past time and will be a great motivation to help Tam Lan to keep Firm and grow stronger in the future. / .