Established in 2010 with the premise that the Tam Lan Tea Establishment was established nearly 02 years earlier. The main products of the company are functional tea bag with Tam Lan brand. In addition, the company is also the exclusive distributor of Tam Lan Health Functional Pine Oil, Pine Lan Glucosamine, Tam Lan Collagen .. are imported directly from Korea. Up to now, after more than 04 years with ups and downs, step by step, until now, the company has invested in building a spacious and clean factory system, modern production line to ensure food hygiene and safety standards of the Ministry of Health, creating jobs for hundreds of local workers. Products Tam Lan produced and distributed have been on the market across 63 provinces and cities of the country, and has been expanding the export of Tam Lan Tea - Vietnamese Brand to countries around the world. The turnover and reputation of the Company are constantly being raised.

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Tea - Health Food
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Tam Lan Tea Filter Bags

Tam Lan tea bag with ingredients extracted from Pseuderanthemum Palatiferum Radik 40% ( roots, trunk, leaf), chrysanthemum 20%, Caprifoliaceae 20%, Callisia Fragrans 20%.Refreshment, detoxifying, reduce free radicals, reducing cholesterol

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Tam Lan Dinh Lang Tea (New product)

Tam Lan Dinh Lang Tea (New product)

Ingredients: Polyscias Fruticosa 60%, Pseuderanthemum Palatiferum 40%

Suitable for: Use for adults and children over 6 year of age.

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Gymnema Sylvestre TAM LAN

  • Gymnema Sylvestre TAM LAN
    - 60% Gymnema Sylvestre powder
    - 20% Callisia Fragran powder
    - 20% Pseuderan-themum Palatiferum powder

    -For people with high blood sugar, diabetes.

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Tâm Lan Health Functional Pine Oil

Tam Lan Health Functional Pine Oil helps: - Anti-oxidant strong, neutralize free radicals and blood fats, protect the immune system, reduce the effects of free radicals and reduce cholesterol, arteriosclerosis. - Enhance liver function for those who drink a lot of alcohol, smoke a lot.

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Tam Lan Glucosamine helps restore, regenerate articular cartilage tissue, lubricate joints, ensure flexible movement of the joints, help prevent osteoarthritis ..

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Tam Lan Vita Collagen

With ingredients Vitamin C, Collagen, Aloe Arborsens, grape powder, soy flour, the magnesium, stearate, powdered sugar mixture sua.Vita collegn work helps to strengthen the body, enhance resistance, help the skin stretch. ..

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