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The Vietnamese ambassador amateurs in every district market Update: [10-08-2014 15:08:02 + GMT7]


It can be said, the Committee organized the "Vietnamese goods to rural areas" put into practice gameshow "Fun with Vietnamese goods" and "Matchups and Vietnamese Goods" in two markets in Cu Lao Dung (Soc Trang) and Go quao (Kien Giang), gave markets more attractive, new to the participating businesses and local consumers. Here, the organizing committee has chosen the youth team as "brand ambassador" for the business. Through the contest by the ambassador amateur shows, people know more about the product, save the bazaar longer, more shopping. This is a new playing field for local youth. 

The gardens ambassador 


Join gameshow, the "Ambassador" will be divided into teams representing each business to compete with each other. Although there is little confusing, awkward and shy, but the ambassador has left gardens for businesses, locals are pretty impressive. 


Questions that the teams answer revolves around issues such as business establishment when, how developed, what the product is ... This is a whole new game show, fun to attract the viewer: as showroom on stage; ranked team so that some of the ground truth team members at least and also to raise the corporate logo; identify product components ... 


Through this hick ambassadors, promotional information, product prices, component functions and utilities ... will be transmitted to consumers in the crowded theater. Enterprise Ambassador for Minh Long Hung, Nguyen Chi Drill you say: "How now an ambassador for the program in the gameshow help you greatly in us brand identity, products of Vietnamese enterprises, through this help us more trust and more in support of Vietnam ". Meanwhile, Nguyen Thi Thuy Nhung your ambassador for American businesses Hao shared "I do union officials, after three days of playing the game shows you think you have a lot more useful knowledge about Vietnamese restaurant, show quality very good quality. I will be certain when the family advocacy and support their neighbors more Vietnamese goods ". 


Two ambassadors of Tra Tran Chi Yen Lan and Tam Truong Quoc Can ambassadors of Vinh Thuan meal before competition has encouraged his family to watch, cheer and support the purchase of businesses participating markets.



các doanh nghiệp tham gia phiên chợ Hàng Việt về thôn


các doanh nghiệp tham gia phiên chợ Hàng Việt về thôn


các doanh nghiệp tham gia phiên chợ Hàng Việt về thôn

The youth ambassadors representing businesses involved gameshow programs to attract consumers


Continuous innovation to create the program's appeal 


After the monitoring section of the embassy, many businesses involved comment, this is very relevant innovation and bring benefits to the business, the brand is now better known. America is good now, Ms. Huynh Thi Bich Thuy, head of rural sales of the company, said that many people only known American brand is good with dishwashing liquid, but through this program gameshow, many have My Hao also known as discharge products, floor cleaner, soap ...


Hàng ngàn người dân đến theo dõi các gameshow do các đại sứ thi tài với nhau

Thousands of people to keep track of the gameshow by the ambassador compete with each other


Ms. Bui Thi Kim Thoa, deputy director in charge of corporate marketing, said Lan Tea Centre, the new gameshow brings very positive results. Go Quao at the fair, selling more than a day, but the new results by three days of the fair Vietnamese goods to rural areas before. 


Mr. Mr. Van Tri, Deputy Director Marketing company Vinh Thuan desired powder after passing through the main program ambassadors will contribute to business promotion and introduction of the business to her son here. 


"I hope that we will have many more programs or to impress people at the fair area place" - Mr. Ly Thanh Sinh Hung Minh Long Director of the company share. 


Mr. Le Minh Quan, Head of Sales Project of the Center for Rural BSA confirmed, the Organizing Committee will strive to explore, create new programs to "attract" people to more markets. Depending on the locale, there will be various programs and activities to help business sales as well as product promotion.


Lãnh đạo địa phương cũng thích thú với những gameshow này

Local leaders also interested in this gameshow


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