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Hundred so difficult for Vietnamese goods fair Update: [09-08-2014 21:08:15 + GMT7]


In a recent seminar in Ho Chi Minh City, Tran Tue Tri - Deputy CEO of Unilever Vietnam revealed, multinational brands are now considered rural market is the main land to investors. However, just yesterday afternoon, on 04/08/2014, at the Center for BSA, 20 core enterprise program for rural Vietnamese Goods sat down to analyze why: Why the rural markets has received increasing smoked at Vietnamese enterprises, declining sales and many people are not excited?



 Công ty trà Tâm Lan kết nối với tiểu thương huyện Bến Cầu, Tây Ninh tại phiên chợ HVVNT

Tam Lan tea company connected to the small Ben Cau district, Tay Ninh at fair 04/2014 HVVNT months. Photos:​BHNT


Many reasons are businesses and Rural Market Project launched dissected BSA. From such a good cause at fair market went through a good distribution network makes shopping needs decrease, to other reasons such as unstable income of farmers (even though the fair collection time but she does not plan to sell the product or "sell young" from first to pay the debt), the ailing media programs ... Especially, status rampant trade fairs deliberately commercial use the "Vietnamese goods to rural areas" but sold more goods of poor quality, unknown origin ... has made consumers lose confidence in the quality of the fair. 


However, undeniably true role of Vietnamese goods fair for rural businesses to help them expand and strengthen distribution network, introduce new products effectively. He Terrance Yu, chief marketing officer of Nhon Hoa Scale company said 2 years ago, Nhon Hoa new product launches are pulled Nhon Hoa - Nguyen Dinh. Through regular participation of Vietnamese goods fair for the Center for Rural BSA that this product has added 50 dealers, sales increased by 30%. 


There is a business center, even in rural areas, just one week suspended sales people are the selling points fall right into enemy hands! Clearly, Vietnamese businesses can not ignore this market. But when the financial resources can not cover the wide channels, the direct marketing channel through Vietnam markets for goods closer to consumers, small businesses connect with and care, looking for new agents ... still the best solution for Vietnamese enterprises. 


Story to find fair solutions for Vietnamese goods to rural areas will be further analyzed BSA website in the next newsletter. Invite a welcome follow-up reading.



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