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VIETNAM ON GOODS Khanh Binh border gate Update: [09-08-2014 21:08:08 + GMT7]


Consolidate sales network in An Giang border 


Vietnamese goods fair just ended countryside journey "hard" for three days and two nights at its Phu district, An Giang with revenue of 860 million visitors and 16,800 respectively.


Có vẻ đây là phiên chợ có doanh thu khá thấp từ đầu năm cho đến nay

It seems to be fair with relatively low revenue from the beginning of the year so far


It seems to be fair with relatively low revenue from the beginning of the year so far. Many businesses believe that the economic difficulties of no small influence, seafood and rice prices fell so affect incomes and expenditures of the people. However, that was not so sad because according to the results of a survey of businesses participating in the fair, with the guidance of experts, the credit markets Qui Phan Phu district trade at favorable development should have complete all items in 2 2 commercial centers in town, and Long Phu Binh. 


Approximately 90% of the line items in the Vietnam market, mainly distributors in Chau Doc, Tan Chau and Long Xuyen distribution of. In particular, products such as flour Vinh Thuan, Duy Tan Plastic toys, Duy Thanh, cleaning Hoan My, My Hao, Lix powder, shower gel Sumo is doing very well in the market in An Phu in particular. The few remaining items from the shop across the border carrying on like electronics - electronics, cosmetics, soft drinks ... A product promotion through fairs will help businesses better support for network its distribution here. 


Most particularly at the fair this time is the appearance of the booth "conjugate" of the enterprise in An Giang province. In an adjacent booth, 8 local businesses with specialties of local celebrities have made a grand pavilion, a visitor attraction.

Thank enterprises: Duy Tan, Cholimex, Duy Thanh, Tam Lan, Union City, Vinh Thuan Nghia Nippers, Vissan, ICC, Bidrico, Minh Long Hung, Tian Long has co-operated with the organizers to bring the gifts to 30 needy students overcome difficulties and 30 households in the locality difficult.



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