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Every Vietnamese countryside: the three faces of the word Update: [19-12-2014 19:12:08 + GMT7]


The tripartite dialogue between producers - small business - the consumer is now "specialty" of the most awaited fair "Hang in rural Vietnam" organized by BSA center.

Giao lưu tại chương trình Hàng Việt về nông thôn

Item exchange program in Vietnam countryside


"Long time ago Where have the big boss of the company climbed to the region, having happy hour too" - a small business in Krong No, Dak Nong - sharing. Businesses eager to attend exchanges between producers connected with traders saying that this company is an opportunity to take care of our customers, to hear directly comment traders and consumer feedback, assessment of their products. "Three faces of the words" this has made contributions to enhance the value of the unit, which is also the fastest way to bring products to consumers.


Exciting because of the damage - company damages - damages restaurant


In the countryside Hang Vietnam was held in Dak Nong from 8 - 12/14/2014 in two Cu Jut and Krong No, this exchange program connecting third party was held at the Central Market place method. Although both markets are relatively small, less traders trade in, only 100 households, but the venue is located in the heart of the market should attract quite a small business people and consumers to participate.


Interpretation of stainless steel products Co., Ltd. manufactures commercial services yielding the introduction, the question of distinguishing genuine, product design, how to bleach stains on stainless steel products, company representatives have not could answer the many people who answer is to use flour or fine sand is wiped off immediately.


Le Thi Hoa, the sales department at the beginning of Krong market has proved very experienced when peering connections each row, each bar is located in the small stainless steel water bottle racks, shelves cup ... and suggestions as how to weld round Blessed is the product of the Code will not drop the smallest details in the product. Then she said mainland Chinese products ne good company named on the bench, on the product and recommend the company to sell stainless steel shelves cup is presented to you always.


Consumers desire information


Three young girls representing the Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. - medicinal Opodis answered many of her questions about water use feminine hygiene products, baby oils for ... is the product of Opodis. Representatives of the company donated right product solution containing chrome miscarriage massage therapy trial for baby to hear asked to make use of this product is not harmful to your baby's skin, while tutoring the advice "use good morning to remember to buy more fair. "


Get more questions about the company most of Tea Tam Lan, many people have asked the blood pressure, stomach pain Tam Lan tea drinking was not. There she also said thanks My husband asked for tea fears this wine was not ... But in remote districts, but through interaction with many people already know and tea Tam Lan long.


Bui Thi Tu Xuyen in Germany, Krong, sharing tea has been three years since the people to drink tea to try to see. To make her eat that cow goes to the company take Xining to learn more about the benefits of this tea. She said: "Tui said this good drink tea." Many took the opportunity to say a good idea when using tea, company representatives have offered to introduce incentives for new agents for tea company.


Flour the dough Vinh Thuan Co., Ltd. is a lot of interest by a variety of products, cheap and convenient suitable for families ...

Vu Kim Anh (World Marketing Newspaper)

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