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Krong No: Market is sown trust Update: [17-12-2014 14:12:19 + GMT7]


Every fair Vietnamese countryside from 08-10.12.2014 in Krong is fair in Dak Nong 7th and 02 th of Krong. Fair has 29 businesses involved with 32 pavilions. Entering the 3rd day, the fair is so impressed with the people here.

Target genuine goods - fake


According to the enterprise, Krong market has great potential to exploit. Farmers in the district to the fair after dark and out of range 19g30 21g15.


As noted by the program as well as surveys of businesses participating in the fair, where purchasing power is only average level (less than 02 fair recently held in Tay Ninh and Binh Phuoc) . This was partly due to people's income is low, on the other hand due to the trade fair was held recently (information from her children, nearly 02 months ago).


NaMilux được đông đảo bà con đến tìm hiểu về cách phân biệt hàng thật, hàng giả

NaMilux are numerous people to learn how to distinguish genuine goods, counterfeit goods


However, firms participating in the program is trying to "score" with relatives here. That's the game gameshow, deals, gifts when buying products. Especially now NaMilux deployment program to help people distinguish genuine goods counterfeiting and sweepstakes (helmets, clothing, gas stove) in the booth has attracted people.


Ms. Chu Thi Hoa, FA chief WU Quang Phu, Krong nearly 80 km from fair to fair hearing of the car down immediately start to learn. According to Ms. Hoa commune leaders know about every market day in rural Vietnam and sent her to find out information about the goods and copies of the sisters share in WU. "Quang Phu commune mainly ethnic Hmong, Thai, her son is not clear how genuine goods, counterfeit goods, especially gas stoves, cosmetics, sauces, spices ... I bought more than 3 million cash products for helping people know where the real product, quality, "she said Hoa.


Upland popular seafood


Hải Lộc, một trong những doanh nghiệp đầu tiên bị “cháy hàng” trong phiên chợ

Hai Loc, one of the first businesses were "sold out" in the fair


Some items at the fair with good purchasing power, especially those related to the seafood industry, food or sauces ... The attractive business with people like Tam Lan, Thanh Phat, Hung Thanh Tai, Lix, Tan Chau, Cholimex, Southern ... Private enterprise Hai Loc walk through fire every second day.


Also in the program, the organization also perform agricultural seminar with the theme: "Production of coffee, rice, pepper according to high-tech" with the cooperation of JSC Binh Dien fertilizer. Seminar attracted more than 130 farmers attended.


The program connects commercial market in Dak Trays with the participation of 03 companies: Tam Lan, Qui Phuc, Opodis. The program attracted 70 small businesses and consumers to participate.

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