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Yellow roses OF LIFE Update: [08-03-2014 11:03:06 + GMT7]


Tam Lan tea Director : " Rose Gold " daily lives

(AP ) - In her aura bar was very high but simplicity . Assertive , strong in the marketplace but also very passionate , agonizing over how scenes with unhappiness , misery . Business people meet " center - resources " , she as " Yellow Roses " between colorful life .

The woman mentioned that we are entrepreneurs Vo Thi Lan , Director of Mind Tea Company Limited Thailand .

In those days , women entrepreneurs Vo Thi Lan and Tam Lan tea brand consecutively her joy . Newly consumers continue to trust and voted " Vietnam High Quality Goods 2014 " Tam Lan tea brand , Ms. Vo Thi Lan individual to be the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam - VCCI and Society Vietnam Women's union honored the title of " female entrepreneurs represent Vietnam in 2013 - the Golden rose Cup " .

On 02/28/2014 , the owner of the tea bag brand famous eight times the typical 99 other women entrepreneurs has been honored by the State President Truong Tan Sang at the Presidential Palace audience to encourage and congratulate the " female minister " International Women 's day - 8/3 .

Serial joy joy . But no one knows that , to get the success it is today , women entrepreneurs Vo Thi Lan has overcome so many ups and downs . In the so-called " turbulent life " was grim , people see the potential strength , bravery and courage of an extraordinary woman , that business Vo Thi Lan is a typical example .


Tea bag filter brands of women entrepreneurs Tam Lan Vo Thi Lan newly consumers continued voted " Vietnam High Quality Goods 2014 "

Every beginning is never late

Women entrepreneurs Vo Thi Lan was born in poor areas of Phuoc Luu , Trang Bang District , Tay Ninh Province . Born the same time , Polish father worked as drug candidates stricken eastern medicine specialist ( charity ) . So she 's had since childhood affinity with herbs . Growing up she married and soon birth to 10 children . But unfortunately , her husband is gone forever leaving 10 children narrowed kid. So she had a good staff that has made ​​her mother , just as her father. Poor , many children , youth do not know how she experienced destitute to earn enough to feed her cubs small pieces . When her children were growing up , rest home interior surface , as well as her health was now exhausted and the pain raging disease . Main physical pain as she made ​​her understand that the lives of the destitute and poor health is the most precious human capital . From that thought , the desire to do something to help the community and bring health to people , she has successfully developed products Tam Lan tea tree herbal quarter 4 is completed pearls , Gold combs , Buttons and honeysuckle flower States , there is an anti-inflammatory effect , anti- cancer , enhance vascular endurance , sedation , detoxify the body and improve resistance to support the treatment is effective .

Either starting at the age of 60 , all of her loved ones like children and grandchildren are opposed . But , despite not getting the support she was determined to follow his thoughts . So she tinkering searching documents, studies characteristics of individual herbs , combines the medicinal properties of a crystalline drug Nam Tam Lan tea products convenient, easy to use and effective for good health . After a period of research , the product of her work has been the Department of Food Safety - Department of Health certification standards and consumer trust received. On 3/3/2011 , the Bureau of Food Safety - Department of Health , Tam Lan tea product was proud to receive the results of scientific research ministerial level . " The quality , safety and effectiveness " of Tam Lan tea filter bags are professors , leading doctors in the field of medicine Vietnam appreciated .

To stabilize the product quality has been achieved and sustainable development , eight times the company has invested tens of billion, import of machinery , production lines modern technological applications of science and technology , control tightly control the production process from input to output . The company also invests 50 ha of land planted with trees herbal ingredients GAP standards to ensure raw material inputs were clean and stable quality . Garden planting natural ingredients , meaning no use of pesticides , plant protection chemicals or inorganic chemical fertilizers for plant growth , but only manure to fertilize crops ( green manure ) . This manure is removed entirely from farms 200 cows and farm insect cinnamon ( worms ) of the company .

Few doubt that Ms. Vo Thi Lan can successfully start production in aged tea " lives across the slope ." Yet , only 5 years after appearing on the market , products Tam Lan tea bag now has wide coverage across the national market and are trusted by consumers .

Besides the domestic market is consumer confidence , Tam Lan tea has expanded export markets abroad , presence in countries like France , Germany , Belgium , Finland , USA , Australia and Asian countries . 8/ 2013 Tam Lan company opened branches in the capital Phnom Penh ( Cambodia ) - a potential market and initially had very good signal .


It's the tireless efforts of dedicated business and social activities , charity , women entrepreneurs Vo Thi Lan was honored as the " Yellow Rose "

Women entrepreneurs ' passion ' for charity

Ms. Vo Thi Lan sharing " element of interest throughout the company's eight times the quality of tea , because tea is eight times related products directly to consumers' health . Tam Lan tea will be used to improve the resistance, which helps the body fight disease. This is not a dose of " elixir " , or spread disease treatment products , but sometimes other people gossip too high , but in fact , the products increase the body 's resistance . Because the active ingredient , the product components in Tam Lan tea that is real , is the output from the plant herbal medicine has been proven that in which the biologically active substances of high value , the elements micronutrients , organic acids ... have anti-inflammatory effects , anti-tumor , anti-bacterial , improve fat metabolism , reduce blood sugar , sedation , biological conditioning ... So will increase the resistance of people succumb to the disease , which is the strength of mind and tea products . "

Despite the busy work is, Vo Thi Lan entrepreneurs always take time community-oriented , positive social and charitable activities to help the poor .

Landlady Tam Lan tea brand is involved in many social activities such as caring for the poor , policy objects ( building of houses of gratitude, solidarity , caring for the Vietnam hero mom , gifts for poor during Tet , scholarships for students, gifts to support victims of Agent Orange / dioxin ) .

Currently she is a member of the business Tay Ninh , Tay Ninh women business associations , Association of Victims of Agent Orange / dioxin and executive committee member of the Association Functional Foods Vietnam . With a positive contribution to the community , social , Poland has been honored with many awards , certificates of leaders at all levels from national to local . Especially the trust of consumers , it is also a great source of motivation that she always move forward no fatigue, overcome challenges on the road to success .


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