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The highlight of the fair border Update: [05-12-2014 19:12:28 + GMT7]


1.88 billion as sales of goods markets in rural Vietnam held in Tan Bien District, Tay Ninh just ended last night, 11/30/2014. More than half of all businesses involved in selling goods, even now "sold out" within half a second day. The number of top record says a lot about a program that was almost 06 years old ...

Thanh niên địa phương tham gia giao lưu trên sân khấu phiên chợ HVVNT

Youth participate in local exchange markets on stage HVVNT


Confidence in the quality of programs


Every market day in rural Vietnam (HVVNT) from 28 - 30.11.2014 at Tan Bien district's 03 th program was held here. The participation of 36 businesses and 38 pavilions. Despite nearly three years Tan Bien (from 05.2012), but when I first arrived "camp", a lot of people around the region have realized this was the center of the market HVVNT BSA.


It is the involvement of business reputation, the quality was "take heart" people. This is one of the factors that make many enterprises to participate "in the vehicle" when the fair ends.


Người dân Tân Biên mạnh tay mua sắm

Tan Bien aggressive people shopping


In addition, the Board held the program "connect small businesses" and large also. 80 traders eager to participate from the beginning to the end of the program, in line to wait their turn to be questioned. 03 businesses participating in the program are: Qui Phuc, Tam Lan, Opodis has sent a team of consultants most elite, so the questions are answered quickly, neatly pleasing people. Even small businesses have heard Opodis introduced chrome miscarriage drugs for children, with the ball cursor to ask questions and thanks consulting firm. After detailed inquiries about the cause, the consultant she was delighted. Not only small businesses, many people do not hesitate to purchase products now at the "connect small businesses" and not wait until the fair.


Tiểu thương nhờ công ty dược Opodis tư vấn trị rôm sảy cho trẻ em

Small Business by pharmaceutical companies Opodis chrome miscarriage treatment advice for children


Ms. Nguyen Thi Ut home on Nguyen Chi Thanh said: "A few years ago I remember the program held at the cultural center court district, very evil rain, muddy roads to markets so that people who sell buy less. But then the distribution of goods in the market well spent, should anyone expect fair return ".

Many enterprises "sold out"


Overall this is a fair meets 03 elements for success: Thien time - Location advantage - Air Staff. Balmy weather, no rain enabling farmers to markets. Organizing the fair ground in a crowded residential area, the number of people to fair pretty crowded day and night. On the other hand, people here have a stable income does not have much choice in the purchase of goods to our customers long thirst. Therefore, the relative fair HVVNT quite comfortable shopping.


Lợi Lợi Dân- một ứng viên HVNCLC 2015 – cháy hàng tại phiên chợ

People-profit benefit a candidate HVNCLC 2015 - sold out at the fair


After 03 days of sales businesses to actively "pumped" to serve consumers. Businesses such as Hai Loc, Dan Loi Loi, Lix, Hung Thanh Tai, Vinamilk, Opodis ... there of people to buy the product and find out crowd. In including the Loi Loi Hai Loc People and businesses that sell almost 02 rows on the first day. Vinamilk bring the program "Measuring Osteoporosis free" markets HVVNT to attract the attention of many interested people ...


Chương trình đo loãng xương của Vinamilk thu hút người dân

The measure osteoporosis vinamilk attract people


After 03 days the program took place had 17,300 visitors sightseeing, shopping with sales of 1 billion 880 million. This is quite a big turnover. Businesses are identified, Tan Bien market has great potential to exploit.


News: Tran Quynh

Photo: Quoc Si (Theo

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