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Vietnamese goods to Tram Hanh commune, Da Lat Update: [28-10-2014 11:10:12 + GMT7]


PNO - From May 24 - 26/10/2014, Tram Hanh commune, Da Lat city will place "Loads of rural Vietnam 134th".


Người tiêu dùng luôn ủng hộ hàng Việt

Consumers are always in support of Vietnam


Program by the Center for Business Research and Business Support (BSA) in collaboration PPC, Lam Dong Department of Trade and People City organization. 


The program has the participation of 34 enterprises with 38 booths of various industries such as: Electrical appliances, cosmetics, food, fashion, pharmaceutical ... Especially, there are many promotions, gifts attractive for people here. Such as Tam Lan tea with a product purchase program gave a gift; Company Ltd. VCL discount double gas oven from 1.250.000d 999.000d and donated to the pot Supor 3 premium aluminum alloy; Tan Quang Minh, 20% discount for all beverages when buying new barrels; Binh Minh Plastics 15% discount for each spray BX4 - 10 liters ... 


According to the organizing committee, but about 26km from Da Lat but Tram Hanh commune goods at very scarce, due to road transport as the road passes, steep ... not much corporate product to be here to serve the needs of the people in the village.


Besides, despite the mostly strong coffee, but people here do not understand all of the technical care of the coffee should not bring good results. 


Every program in Vietnamese rural commune of Station Operations Center coordinated with the BSA and local governments Corporation Binh Dien Fertilizer Seminar organized agriculture program with the theme: "Technical consulting cultivation coffee and care for sustainable development ".


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