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Save by swallowing trunk Golden Comb Update: [28-10-2014 11:10:38 + GMT7]


Ms. Than Thi Minh Hanh, Director of Dong Pharmaceutical JSC Shanghai in Bac Giang (phone: 0982 812 027) announced that Nguyen Dien (phone 01 282 285 576), living in rural stations, Ninh Xa , Thuan Thanh district, Bac Ninh province use the same gold Combs Mexico she successfully treat a serious disease. Dated 10.07.2014, Hanoi me from looking in person to hear the story directly Nguyen Dien save his life by swallowing gold Combs trunk. 


Fill to his home, at first glance, I immediately said his remarks, that all grandparents are healthy. She pretty old and plump, even he healthy glow. Just like this, does anyone think that, nearly three years ago Mr. Fill each with a chronic disease, should undergo cross the least string born days. Mr. Tian said: At the end of 2011, natural sore throat irritation left, without eating or sleeping. To the district hospital for medical examination. Each time, is more than thirty days for the hospital to diagnose without specific medical conditions. Around February next year, the severe disease progression by chest pain, shortness of breath, sore throat frequently take on, the pale, lisp ... The family took him to hospital for medical examination Bac Ninh province, but the doctors did not identify the disease. He could not stand the pain, hospital morphine injections to relieve pain. The conversation led to internal calculations, K Hospital in Hanoi, but he refused. He says, too old to not want to touch the body. Finally the family has welcomed him care and self-treatment at home. Some days in the middle of the night, Mr. Tian too unbearable pain, the family had to find someone to inject morphine analgesia. 


Fill pain that he is fidgety, even urinating in the bed as well. Seeing his condition changes very bad, tend not survive, family members get together for a visit, and they told the family tree look to gold comb, shaver can save lives is affordable. So, son Nguyen Van Dien (tel: 01 696 027 257) to take advantage of Bac Giang looking to buy a sack of gold Combs (Combs 125 gold tree) brings healing to my dad. He told me just grab the trunk of gold comb, dry cleaned for him to use. So, he was both a trunk full basket of gold to help themselves Combs himself. That night, Combs was cut out each piece of gold, he chewed sugarcane Fill eat like that. Soft tops, chew and swallow all his; His body was carefully chewed, swallowed, releasing the residue. Despite the pain, but he still tries to chew, from night to night. The more you chew, pleasant feeling gradually appear. Chew until morning, suddenly he found out the pain completely, people get well, sit up, go back to normal. The next day and the next few days he kept chewing stems are yellow comb so. Past Golden Comb, Mr. Tian to walk up to the Bac Giang motorcycle to buy gold comb for further treatment. 


He kept repeating Fill the trunk swallowing the golden comb. He said, how much fuel they chew chew, not limited in number and duration. He ate like eating sugarcane yellow comb over a months, then stopped altogether. Nearly 3 years now, vile diseases in the past been abused did not grow back. 


Next to me, Mr. Tian was invited by Pham Thi Bang, Chi Association president NCT Boys Village Station. She Degree (tel: 01 665 648 303) said: "He Fill 78, was several times the family had rushed to the emergency, but vile diseases that still does not excuse him, finally, thanks to gold comb tree research live. By remedies that he meant to save valuable reference for some of its members are suffering from serious illness in the elderly Association. Thanks to Nguyen Dien self cure diseases with important medicinal plants readily available, easy to grow so, so today's Gold Brief trees were present in the gardens of many rural families Station Boys ". 


Hopefully, methods of treatment using the Brief gold Nguyen Dien be positive reference, cure more serious cases, other intractable. 


Nguyen Hien Nhan (

(Read 6 NCT Association president, Phan Chu Trinh ward, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi). 

(Phone: 04 3933 4628; 0984 148 668)

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