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Vu A Dinh Scholarship Award for students overseas Vietnamese in Cambodia Update: [10-08-2014 16:08:49 + GMT7]


200 students are overseas Vietnamese children in Cambodia has been received Vu A Dinh Scholarship for better achievements in the last school year. 

Activity award scholarships to students who are children of Vietnamese in Cambodia Charitable Group program by the Vietnam Women's Union, Vu A Dinh Scholarship Fund, and the doctors and nurses in Ho Chi Minh City , local donors jointly held.


Bà Trương Mỹ Hoa hỏi thăm bà con Việt Kiều
Inquired Mrs. Truong My Hoa overseas Vietnamese

In addition to the above-mentioned scholarships, in 3 days from 11-13 / 7, the delegation also held medical examination, drug development, donated 1,400 gifts for overseas Vietnamese in 3 provinces of Takeo, Kandal, Prey Veng and Phnom Penh Cambodia.


Các học sinh Việt kiều nhận học bổng
Vietnamese students overseas scholarships

Charity chief delegate, Mrs. Truong My Hoa, former Vice President, and is currently the Chairman Vu A Dinh Scholarship Fund, stressed the patriotic tradition and the contribution of overseas Vietnamese national Cambodia for ever . Mrs. Truong My Hoa, said: "Today the emotional sense, then, to visit our relatives to share a little bit emotional, physical with her ​​son to call, but the situation is much less significant for people living away from home, to which you contribute here and to share with relatives caring scratched.


Học sinh Việt kiều Campuchia
Students Overseas Vietnamese in Cambodia 


The medical operations charitable gifts and scholarships ... comply with record annual cooperation agreement between the Union and the Vietnam Women's Union Cambodian Women for Peace and Development, to support life support overseas Vietnamese and Cambodians have difficulties in the area near the two countries' border provinces. /.


Trao học bổng Vừ A Dính cho học sinh Việt kiều tại Campuchia



PV/VOV-Phnom Penh

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