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Thanks to all the plants from diseases Gold Brief Update: [10-08-2014 15:08:15 + GMT7]


CCB Nguyen Thanh Tinh family in South Khe Ward, Uong Bi City (Quang Ninh), although economic life less difficult but the health situation of each person is uneven. He was wounded three quarters Static exposure to Agent Orange, his wife was wounded four quarters, declining health, son affected with toxic chemicals sequelae bewildered. But in more recent years by maintaining plant to treat gold comb, each person's disease in remission, disease was completely healed. According to Mr. Tinh, Brief therapy with gold tree for each patient for each of them with a single persistently swallowing live gold leaf comb is best for the tree crashed hard long cock, deep, peeled and dropping chewing the leaves used it regularly devour. 


Wounded at 51% health damage, the wind became much time left heaven, whom he Tinh aching but thanks to today's gold comb his health stable; Although over 70 years old but his limbs rigid, stable health than before, involved a lot of heavy work in the house. It was wounded, his wife often ill, chronic sore throat abused, in the winter period so upset, she persevered Combs swallowing live gold leaf from the loose teeth to the tooth now firmly benefit levels and prolonged sore throat has cleared up. And boy by Agent Orange Legacy to the second generation led to bewildered, wide beam fell apron, irritating not distinguish what is living, but where is all thanks to my parents used persevering care Combs gold far more efficiently than, no more dropped wide. He has said clearly distinguished guests, owners, and voice quite keen to greet visitors to the house every time. 


In addition to using Gold Brief treatment plants indoors, CCB Nguyen Thanh Tinh growing popularity and simple cure for many local and provincial teammates in some approximate 


Dinh Quang Huy 

(20A, Gold List Ward, Uong Bi City, 

Quang Ninh province. Tel: 0904.708.366)

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